Spanish Cocas Flatbread filled with Patatas Bravas

The spanish tapas dish of fried potato in a smokey paprika & tomato sauce, was just begging to become a flatbread filling, a bit of research lead me to the spanish Coca flatbread, which has semolina flour in its ingredients, giving a lighter bread dough. The flatbread teamed up well with the patatas bravas filling, a veritable Spanish chip buttie!   VEGAN

The Great British Cheese & Marmite Flatbread.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who absolutely love Marmite, and eat it every day. I couldn’t help myself anymore, so I used up some spare dough, mixed up some grated cheese with a big spoonful of Marmite and brought the two together in a marriage made in heaven (well I think so!) I’ve tried it out at a few markets and it’s sold out every time. It’s a winner for me, what do you think?

Gram flour Flatbread filled with Sweet Potato, Qinoa & Chimichurri sauce

Using the same gram flour flatbread as the three cheese & mushroom one, I created this vegan version with a tasty mix of 'superfood' ingredients as a filling. The sweet potato mash, mixed with nutty quinoa and a gently spiced chimichurri sauce is a real crowd pleaser at the markets and food festivals. Again we cannot claim it’s fully GF, but we do our best. VEGAN

Gram Flour Flatbread with 3 Cheese & Wild Mushroom

It was'nt long after I started selling my flatbreads, that I noticed I was being asked a lot if any of my breads were Gluten free, so obviously there was a gap I needed to fill here. Several experiments in the bin later! I finally came up with a thin & crispy flatbread using chickpea flour based on an Italian Faina flatbread. To make it more 'gourmet' I folded and sealed the flatbread around a filling of local Nene View Dairy goats cheese, mozzarella & cheddar cheeses, with the addition of porcini mushroom.  These Flatbreads have no ingredients that contain gluten, but as we use a lot of wheat flour in the kitchen we cannot say 100% they are GF, but we do our best to avoid cross contamination.

Indian Kulcha with Onion Bhaji, Tomato & Chilli Chutney Filling

These Indian Kulchas were the first flatbreads I produced, so you could say they're what kicked this whole business off! The addition of a homemade Onion Bhaji filling seemed like a match made in heaven and the final tweak of a sweet tomato & chilli chutney rounded it off perfectly! The Kulchas are extremely 'moorish' and still one of my personal favourites.    VEGAN

Italian flatbread with Pesto filling.

This is a simple italian flatbread, based on a Schiacciata dough recipe. The inclusion of a Basil & Cashew nut pesto filling elevates it to a new level. A wonderful flatbread for a picnic or italian meal. We love it split open and filled with BBQ meats.

Greek Pitta filled with Spinach & Feta

I've always loved Greece, and enjoyed many a holiday on a Greek Island. One of the tastiest meals is Greek Spanakopita, a mixture of spinach & Feta in crispy filo pastry. My take on this captures the subtle spinach flavoured with nutmeg with the tangy Feta cheese all sealed inside a Pitta bread. This flatbread is by far & away our best seller. We now also do a version of this flatbread for Vegans, where we've swapped the Feta for a roasted aubergine purée.

Christmas Brioche Flatbread filled with Pear & Sloe Gin Mincemeat

I thought it time I did a sweet flatbread, and the glut of pears from my tree in the garden gave me an idea for a take on a mince pie , using the pears to make a luscious mincemeat, To make it extra christmassy I added some Sloe Gin and wow! what a flavour. I settled on a sweet brioche dough to make the flatbread with and added a generous amount of mincemeat to make it a real christmas treat.

Egyptian Flatbread with Falafel Filling.

I'm always looking for inspiration for a new flatbread, and had been wanting to do a middle eastern one for a while. I was watching A Cook Abroad with Dave Myers from the Hairy Bikers on his road trip around Egypt and the simple flatbreads he helped make along with delicious spiced chickpea falafels seemed to be a great idea. I've now added this lovely soft flatbread to my range and its a top seller at my markets.   VEGAN

Stromboli filled with Sun-Dried Tomato, Picante Peppers & Garlic Mushrooms.

My lovely friend Carmela, a whiz in the Kitchen at all things Italian gave me her Stromboli recipe to try. I made a few tweaks to make it dairy free, as my flatbread range was getting a bit Cheese heavy! The flavours are amazing and as you can see from the picture, its crammed full!  This is now a fully Vegan Flatbread.   VEGAN