The Northampton Leek, Bacon & Brie twisted flatbread.

The idea for this flatbread is based on a historical pie from the nearby town of Earls Barton, where a Leek & Pork pie was baked each Shrove Tuesday. This homage to that pie includes some soft brie and also a good dollop of Northamptonshire Sauce from Friars Farm.

Italian flatbread with Vegan Pesto filling.

This is a simple italian flatbread, based on a Schiacciata dough recipe. The inclusion of a vegan Basil & Pine-nut pesto filling elevates it to a new level. A wonderful flatbread for a picnic or italian meal. We love it split open and filled with BBQ meats. VEGAN

Hungarian Langos flatbread filled with Nutella

I came across these deep fried flatbreads whilst researching, and had to give them ago, they are amazing just plain with a sour cream and cheese topping, but another level when stuffed with Nutella, think soft and chewy doughnut with chocolate overload.

The Great British Cheese & Marmite Flatbread.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who absolutely love Marmite, and eat it every day. I couldn’t help myself anymore, so I used up some spare dough, mixed up some grated cheddar cheese with a big spoonful of Marmite and brought the two together in a marriage made in heaven (well I think so!) I’ve tried it out at a few markets and it’s sold out every time. It’s a winner for me, what do you think?  

Cheesy Chilli Flatbread 

These flatbreads are our newest member to the range and are a collaboration between ourselves and another fabulous local producer Bitemespices. I’ve taken a fantastic vintage cheddar cheese and mixed it with a huge dollop of the amazing Red Onion and Habenero Relish they produce. It’s an oozy, cheesy, spicy delight.

The Great British Sausage & Caramalized Onion Flatbread

Local Old English Sausage from T.E Browns Butchers in Rushden plus sweet caramalized onions make this flatbread a winner at markets. It's my take on a good old sausage roll.




The Biscoff Flatbread

I'm always being asked to do a sweet flatbread alongside ny Christmas one, so here at last it it!

A rolled flatbread shaped as a baguette but filled with yummy Biscoff spread, it's soooo good.


Indian Kulcha with Onion Bhaji, Tomato & Chilli Chutney Filling

These Indian Kulchas were the first flatbreads I produced, so you could say they're what kicked this whole business off! The addition of a homemade Onion Bhaji filling seemed like a match made in heaven and the final tweak of a sweet tomato & chilli chutney rounded it off perfectly! The Kulchas are extremely 'moorish' and still one of my personal favourites.    VEGAN

Portuguese Bolo De Levedo flatbread filled with Piri-Piri Chicken

Bolo de Levedo translates as Yeast Cake, and this dough is very similar to an English muffin, with lots of Eggs, Butter & Milk in the mix.

Add in some super spicy homemade Piri-Piri Chicken using a hot rub from Bite-me-Spices and it's a chilli lovers dream.

Spanish Flatbread filled with Patatas Bravas

The spanish tapas dish of fried potato in a smokey paprika & tomato sauce, was just begging to become a flatbread filling, a bit of research lead me to the spanish Cocas flatbread, which teamed up well with the patatas bravas filling, a veritable Spanish chip buttie!   VEGAN

Greek Pitta filled with Spinach & Feta 

I've always loved Greece, and enjoyed many a holiday on a Greek Island. One of the tastiest meals is Greek Spanakopita, a mixture of spinach & Feta in crispy filo pastry. My take on this captures the subtle spinach flavoured with nutmeg with creamy feta all sealed inside a Pitta bread. This flatbread can also be made vegan by swapping the Feta for roasted aubergine.

Stromboli filled with Sun-Dried Tomato, Picante Peppers & Garlic Mushrooms.

My lovely friend Carmela, a whiz in the Kitchen at all things Italian gave me her Stromboli recipe to try. I made a few tweaks to make it dairy free, as my flatbread range was getting a bit Cheese heavy! The flavours are amazing and as you can see from the picture, its crammed full!  This is now a fully Vegan Flatbread.   VEGAN

Christmas Brioche Flatbread filled with Pear & Sloe Gin Mincemeat

I thought it time I did a sweet flatbread, and the glut of pears from my tree in the garden gave me an idea for a take on a mince pie , using the pears to make a luscious mincemeat, To make it extra christmassy I added some Sloe Gin and wow! what a flavour. I settled on a sweet brioche dough to make the flatbread with and added a generous amount of mincemeat to make it a real christmas treat. 

Gram flour Flatbread filled with Sweet Potato, Qinoa & Chimichurri sauce

Using the same gram flour flatbread as the three cheese & mushroom one, I created this vegan version with a tasty mix of 'superfood' ingredients as a filling. The sweet potato mash, mixed with nutty quinoa and a gently spiced chimichurri sauce is a real crowd pleaser at the markets and food festivals. Again we cannot claim it’s fully GF, but we do our best. VEGAN

Gram flour Flatbread filled with Cheese & Wild Mushroom

Using the same gram flour flatbread as the Sweet Potato & Quinoa flatbread above, this time it's stuffed full of a Cheddar & Mozzarella cheese mix with punchy wild porcini mushrooms. Again we cannot claim it’s fully GF, but we do our best.