​​​​​Flatbread Order System

I will update the menu below with flatbreads each Friday.

I’ll accept orders from Friday 10:00 up until 17:00 on Sunday and then collate them all.
On Monday I will try to ensure I have enough ingredients to satisfy all the orders (it’s getting hard to source items now) and once happy,

will issue invoices to everyone.

The aim is to make deliveries on Thursday.

So onto the details :

Free delivery within 3 miles ( see map below)
£3 delivery charge on orders within 3-15 mile radius (see map below)
£4 delivery charge on 15-20 mile radius ( see map below)
Minimum order size is 3 Flatbreads
All flatbreads are £3 each with the offer of any three flatbreads for £8 ( This offer applies to any multiple of 3, e.g. 6 flatbreads = £16.)
Any orders over £32 will get free delivery (within 20 mile radius) equates to 12 flatbreads or more.
All NHS workers will also get free delivery (proof required please 😊)

All Flatbreads are FREEZABLE

Flatbread Menu for order period 7th August - 9th August for  delivery on Thursday 13th August.

​Indian Kulcha (vg) - Indian flatbread stuffed with homemade onion bhaji with a tomato and sweet chilli chutney.

Stromboli (vg) - a flatbread covered in sun-dried tomato, sweet peppers and wild mushrooms and rolled and baked.

Spanish Flatbread filled with Patatas Bravas ( Fried potato in a spicy tomato sauce) (Vg)

Italian flatbread
filled with pesto (Vg)

Greek pita stuffed full of Spinach & Feta cheese - My take on Spanakopita (V) 


The Biscoff - A simple rolled flatbread similar to a Stromboli but filled with lots of awesome Biscoff spread. (Vg)


The Cheesy-Chilli flatbread (v) - Our brand new flatbread in a collaboration with BiteMeSpices, a vintage cheddar and Habenero 

& Red Onion Relish filling - Cheesy, Oozy and oh so Spicy. ( If you want a vegan cheese version please ask. )

Cheese & Marmite flatbread (v) - what else to say? Simply the best.
( If you want a vegan cheese version please ask. )

Gram flour folded flatbread filled with 3 types of cheese and wild mushrooms (v,gf)

Sausage and caramelised onion flatbread

Northants Flatbread with leek, bacon and soft cheese

(vg) = suitable for vegans but can be enjoyed by all
(v) = suitable for vegetarians but again can be enjoyed all

(gf) = suitable for gluten intolerant 

​Order Process

Email to Repleteflatbreads@yahoo.co.uk 

Please specify the numbers of each sort of flatbread required plus delivery address and contact phone number.

To make this work we need to ensure that there is someone at the address to accept the flatbreads.

Once I have your order, I will reply with a invoice as soon as I can confirm ingredients are available.

Payment options are Bank Transfer (details on invoice) or let us know if you want to pay via card

as we will need to send a payment link on a separate invoice.


As mentioned earlier, I aim to deliver on Thursdays,
 so please ensure someone is at home. 

We will follow a contactless delivery process, knocking on your door, stepping back, letting you pick up your flatbreads and

giving you a cheerful wave 👋 

If you have any questions about allergies or ingredients, just ask, we have all the information you need. Allergen chart is now on

the website page Allergens.