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Gram flour flatbread filled with Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet Peppers and Wild Mushrooms

This flatbread uses Gram flour instead of wheat flour and therefore contains no gluten, we use a pasty press to achieve the shape as the dough is very fragile before baking and does not like being rolled and folded.
The shape holds the filling of sun-dried tomato, sweet peppers and wild mushrooms nicely and is also vegan friendly.
We don't advertise this flatbread as Gluten Free as our kitchen also uses lots of wheat flour, although we follow all Food Standards guidelines on preventing cross contamination.


Gram Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Water, Olive Oil, Picante Peppers, Sun-dried Tomato, Oregano, Mint, Wine Vinegar, Porcini, Shitake & Boletus Mushrooms, Garlic

Cooking Instructions

In the oven for 5 Minutes at 180c Fan, or Airfryer at 170c for 4 Minutes.

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