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New Website - New ideas

Here we go, I never done any blogging malarky before, so lets see where this leads!

I'd really neglected my old website as I found the host Godaddy's tools to be very clunky and unfriendly and could never seems to get it to do what I wanted. My son showed me a Wix version of my website that he'd quickly knocked up and gave me some training on what was possible, and after a few attempts I've finally got something I'm happy with and that I feel is much easier to work with.

Any feedback from you gorgeous lot greatly appreciated.

The original aim was to have an online shop, but as it's just not feasible at the moment to ship my flatbreads via post, due to the absurd costs involved in packaging and postal fees. Also we only do our online orders and local delivery once a month, so there's no real point in having a shop that's basically empty for most of the time. Hopefully this is something that may be resurrected in better times.

I did have some good news this week, I was inspected by the Bedford Borough Council Environmental Health Team last week, and finally received my 5 rating sticker through the post today, so that's 10 years now with a top ranking status!

I'll keep trying to add anything I can think of to this blog as and when it occurs and who knows, maybe slip a few flatbread recipes on as well, let me know what content you'd like to see.



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