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Replete Flatbreads

Handmade flatbreads with delicious fillings

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One of the original flatbreads I created, based on a classic Italian flatbread named after a volcanic Island of the coast of Sicily. It's a mix of sun-dried tomato, sweet peppers and wild mushrooms rolled up in a flatbread like a swiss roll then baked.

Northants Leek, Bacon & Brie Flatbread.

The Northants flatbread is based on on an old Earls Barton recipe for a pie to use up ingredients before Lent. We've taken locally grown leeks and bacon from our local butcher Tim Brown, as well as the fabulous new Beckets Brie produced by the Northampton Cheese Company and a good dash of Northamptonshire Sauce. It's a thing of wonder!

Indian Kulcha with Onion Bhaji and Tomato & Chilli Chutney.

Wonderful home made Onion Bhaji's, chopped and mixed with a sweet chilli and tomato chutney, then used to fill a Kulcha flatbread (type of Naan bread). This is a Vegan friendly flatbread.

Great British Cheese & Marmite Flatbreads

In many ways a simple flatbread, but oh boy it’s our best seller and most commented on flatbread by far. If you’re a Marmite lover then you must try these! They are even toaster friendly to get that even greater melted cheese and marmite gorgeousness

Sausage & Caramelized Onion Flatbread

One of our best sellers, simply top quality local pork sausage meat from Tim Brown Butchers mixed with delicious sweet caramelized onions and used to fill at flatbread. Our take on a Sausage Roll.

Spanish Flatbread with Patatas Bravas

The classic Spanish tapas dish with cubes of fried potato in a spicy tomato sauce, is stuffed inside a folded flatbread and baked. This is what we call our Spanish Chip Butty! and it's Vegan too.

Italian Flatbread with Pesto

One of my original flatbreads, this is a simple soft and fluffy flatbread with a big dollop of free from Pesto inside, so ideal for Vegans

Portuguese Bolo de Levedo flatbread with Piri-Piri Chicken filling

This Portuguese flatbread is based on their Bolo de Levedo bread, which translates as a Yeast Cake. The dough is enriched with butter, sugar and eggs and is similar to an English Muffin in texture. I've stuffed my version with a spicy Piri-Piri chicken and its beats Nando's hands down.

Gram flour flatbread filled with Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet Peppers and Wild Mushrooms

This flatbread uses Gram flour instead of wheat flour and therefore contains no gluten, we use a pasty press to achieve the shape as the dough is very fragile before baking and does not like being rolled and folded.
The shape holds the filling of sun-dried tomato, sweet peppers and wild mushrooms nicely and is also vegan friendly.
We don't advertise this flatbread as Gluten Free as our kitchen also uses lots of wheat flour, although we follow all Food Standards guidelines on preventing cross contamination.

Cheesy Chilli Flatbread

If you like spicy, you'll love this. Vintage cheddar mixed with a smoky tomato and red onion chutney with lashings of habanero and chipotle chilli.

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